SDS Plus Drill Bits for Concrete


SDS Plus Drill Bits for Concrete

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Sharp SDS max drill bits choose high quality 42CR and it can generate stronger impact force lightly, allowing for effective and precise drilling. Before using the hammer drill, you can use a chisel to make a point of strength, and then combine the hammer drill to meet your processing needs.

Wide range of uses:

It is mainly suitable for cement wall, concrete, all kinds of stone, brick wall and other materials for excavation, wall-to-wall operation, stone breaking and different types of interface hammer interface, round handle, two pits and two slots.


  1. Sturdy and durable, made of chrome steel, forged by high temperature quenching, high hardness and high wear resistance.
  2. It is made by high temperature quenching and is suitable for removing sharp protrusions, stone, wall removal, and chiseling.
  3. Made by high temperature quenching, suitable for material cement wall, red brick, wall brick, stone.
  4. High temperature quenching, hardness is greatly improved, light and sturdy, comfortable grip.
  5. The head bit adopt vacuum welding with heat treatment, and the hardness can reach to HRC 48±3 after the heat treatment.

  1. Check the integrity of the hole opener before use, and clamp the hole inserter when loading the drill.
  2. When opening the hole, the hole opener needs to be perpendicular.

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