Ceramic Flap Disc for Super Hard Steel


Ceramic Flap Disc for Super Hard Steel

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Ceramic Flap Discs do exceptionally well, outperforming Zirconia flap discs by up to 50% on stainless steel, carbon steel alloys and exotic metals. Ceramic grains are self-sharpening, remaining sharp throughout the entire grinding, and sanding life of the wheel.

Advantage of ceramic grain resin flap disc
  • Premium Ceramic Cloth for long life and fast material removal.
  • 50% Faster than Standard flap discs.
  • Provides 2.5X longer life than the standard flap disc.
  • Allows you the ability to grind flat on materials with a finish of a fiber disc.


-Q1: Is the item durable?

-A1: The whole impeller is firm, high balance, no strong vibration in high speed operation, high safety and stable performance

-Q2: Is this item easy to use?

-A2: It can be used in electric and pneumatic tools, which are suitable for stainless steel surface, metal chamfering, concave and convex surface treatment, welding seams, especially for polishing in shipbuilding and large mechanical equipment and other fields.

-Q3: What are the dimensions of this item?

-A3: Including 100x16mm, 115x22.2mm, 125x22.23mm, 180x22.23 and so on

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